Sangre de Cristo

her moccasins were alive
with their ropy hair
and turquoise eyes

double take

maybe deer shammy
on our feet is warm

makes for a quieter walk
to the Ba Whyea
where soft steps are required
when walking your spooked animals

we rode our silent two-wheeled horses
down the ancient footpath
of the south boundary

from the tippy top

got stoned in the silver aspens
with their powers
to visit the underworld
there was a slippery gust
and we liked it

ate it up like a solemn
wild mushroom pizza

where did it get any of us
as if we sashayed into a room

to the garden of needles
to the pious tea of manzanita
to the pristine refuse dump
to the scar of the gorge

the place of begetting
and the obsidian mirror

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